Pre-Purchasing Tips

When purchasing kitchen essentials if you any doubts or need guidance please contact our support staff at We define kitchen essentials as any item that doesn’t require installation

When purchasing appliances here are several things you should check on before buying an appliance. Take advantage of our comprehensive site to check model specifications and installation guides or send an email to our knowledgeable appliance specialists at for more information. Here are some other tips so you can be ready to go after you make your purchase.

Measure your Space

Before deciding on the model that you will buy, carefully measure the area in which your appliance will be placed. Its also good to measure all doors and areas that the appliance will need to travel through before it reaches its final destination.

Confirm your Utilities, Voltage/Plug Type

It is equally important to know if you're house or apartment is wired with gas or electric connections. Also, check to see what the correct voltage and the plug type of the outlet that you will be using before purchase.

Here are some common plug types:

Plug Types

Buy Necessary Accessories

You can research on La uisinaAppiances.comwhat cables and accompanying accessories you will need for the appliance and if they are sold separately. Note: Many electric ranges and electric clothes dryers do not come with plugs and have to be purchased separately.

Give Specific Instructions to Deliverer

When placing an order please fill out the Comments section with additional details like preferred delivery times, how many floors the item will have to be carried up and any other information our delivery team will need to know. This will ensure quick, hassle-free delivery.

Make a Plan for Assembly/Installation

Start thinking about how you will assemble and install your appliance and what kind of services you might need to help you. You can check our map to see where we install.