The “yes”and “no” of kitchen design

Trends change daily. For that precise reason, following them can be complicated. Therefore, we have come up with a list of Yes and No for kitchen design based on 5 important elements (islands,
decoration, appliances, lighting, and storage space) to help you transform this space of the home into a temple of pleasure, comfort, and luxury.
Yes. Islands  add  beauty and create a special atmosphere in the kitchen. Not only  due to the materials  they  are made of, but  also  because  they tend to become the center of the gatherings  in this space.
No. All kitchens can have an island. But the island cannot be an obstacle for circulation or decrease the space available. Many times, a peninsula is the perfect solution, because it has the same function and promotes conversation and sharing.
Yes. The decoration is crucial in the kitchen. Incorporating art, colors, details such as plants, and even using appliances and kitchen utensils as part of a functional decoration, will add style and personality to the space.
No. Don’t go overboard with the details in the kitchen. Here applies the saying “a little goes a long way.” The decorative details must also be in sync with the style of your kitchen. That’s why it’s
important to be clear about the type of kitchen that you want before you buy decorative elements for this purpose.
Yes.  Modern appliances make cooking a simple pleasure that almost everyone can have access to. That’s why investing in them is essential. From the largest appliances such as ovens, dishwashers, ranges, and refrigerators, to the smallest ones like toasters, juice extractors or blenders, they all add beauty and functionality to this space.
No. Exaggerating on the number of appliances and not considering their size is a deadly sin. You probably want to have the best of the best, but it will only accumulate dust and take up space if you
don’t use it. So, the right decision, in this case, is to invest in appliances that you use or that can save you time. Also, it’s important to remember that today brands have thought about both small and large kitchens. So, choose the right size and the style that fits perfectly into your kitchen.
Yes. Having natural light sources in the kitchen is a blessing. That is why it’s advisable to take advantage of it and avoid obstructions with shelves or appliances. However, when light is scarce there are tricks that interior designers and architects pull out from under their sleeves such as choosing glass enclosures -that allow you to take advantage of the light from other rooms- or to install Zenithal light openings-skylights or light tubes.
No.  Don’t overuse artificial light. Remember that the kitchen is a place where the heat abounds, and artificial light raises the temperature even more. A solution may be to use recessed LED strips. They are beautiful, elegant, and don’t generate additional heat.
Storage space
Yes. A perfect kitchen has enough storage space which, also must be part of its aesthetics. In that sense, the trend aims at removing cabinets at the top and choosing shelves that leave everything
visible. Obviously, this forces you to keep everything in order and place only the dinnerware and ornamental elements in these spaces. This trend also involves taking advantage of lower cabinets
and placing drop-down or mobile options or even drawers inside them.
No. Don’t overload the kitchen with cabinets, especially if the space is not very broad. A good idea is to follow current trends: storage that combines closed cabinets with those that are open on the top half. The latter allows you to place in them the items you use the most and display beautiful objects in the kitchen. Now, with all this input, you can begin to improve your kitchen’s design or build your dream kitchen.

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