Is KitchenAid conquering the hearts of wine lovers?

A new romance is around the corner. KitchenAid is aiming at conquering wine collectors with its new 24” Wine Cellar. All the technology and confidence offered by a brand of tradition and quality in the kitchen is concentrated in the new wine cellar that represents a love that will surely last in time.
To suit all tastes 
Collectors will love the new 24” Wine Cellar by KitchenAid, for many reasons, but
certainly one of the most important ones is its capacity. This wine cellar can store up to 46 bottles of different sizes due to the variety offered by its shelves and temperature controls.
The upper part –the first two sections- offers a range between 42 and 54 °F, specially designed for white and sparkling wines, and the lower ones for reds, with a temperature between 42 and 64 °F. This provides a great capacity to store diverse types of wines with the advantage of being able to adjust the thermostat through a digital panel.
Luxury design
An elegant design with the best finishes comes together in this new essential appliance for lovers of this beverage. Knowing that the precious bottles are well guarded is vital, but if you can afford a design that guarantees great taste and adds distinction to your space, you don’t have to think about it twice.
The door is made of tempered glass with UV protection, its internal finishes have the exclusive technology of KitchenAid Satin Texture Handles, which consists of an enamel coating of the internal grids where there is no room for oxide.
The SatinGlide® takes care of the movement of the grates, making them glide smoothly even when they are fully charged, which protects their precious cargo. All wrapped up in the best and most durable stainless steel, with LED lighting and crowned with the classic KitchenAid handlebars, so they last a lifetime.
A relationship of two
The simplicity of the KitchenAid 24” Wine Cellar allows the user to install it without having to resort to a third party. It’s easily recessed, and the sobriety of its design makes it look good regardless of the decoration in the room.
The reasons behind wine collectors falling in love at first sight with this wine cellar are diverse. The quality of this wonder will certainly make it an everlasting love.
What wine has brought together won’t be separated by another brand!

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