Gas range and convection oven, the perfect combination

Electrolux was able to combine in the same device two important elements in a modern kitchen: the gas range and the convection oven. The model EW30DS80RS is the best example of this.
This range with Wave-Touch® controls has a very simple design that fits perfectly into any style. The gas range of this model has burners whose power and reach allow the possibility to do anything from simmering to a powerful boil. So that eggplant cream recipe that needs a delicate smoke made directly on the burner can be easily done on this range that also has other burners of different sizes.
Additionally, the range of the EW30DS80RS model comes with grids that allow you not only to easily move pots and pans from burner to the bur ner without lifting them but also clean the range after preparing anything on it.
The charm of the two in one
The convection oven of the Electrolux EW30DS80RS range is one of its most attractive characteristics. Its interior in cobalt blue gives a touch of elegance and makes anything that is cooked stand out in plain sight. 
But what makes it a real gem is the technology with which this oven is equipped. First, the Perfect Taste TM Dual Convection system makes heat circulate evenly for salted meats and tender
vegetables. Then, the Perfect TasteTM Temp Probe lets you know when what you are cooking in the oven has reached perfection, and then automatically adjusts the temperature and keeps
it warm until it’s served. Could you ask for more?
This fast preheat oven comes with several cooking modes (bake, broil, convection bake, convection roast, keep warm, and cook slowly) that can be easily programmed thanks to the Wave-Touch ® Control system, in which the display panel shows a menu with the different options.
Something that will pleasantly surprise you from this appliance is its versatility since it has a main oven and a secondary one that combine to offer a greater total capacity for cooking.
Ideas for this upcoming Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So, to take advantage of the Perfect Turkey® option of the oven that comes with the EW30DS80RS range, we want to share with you a recipe that will make preparing the traditional turkey for this day a simple task and a tasty result.
 1 whole turkey (a turkey of 6 kilos feeds 10 people)
 6 tablespoons of butter
 1 liter of warm water
 3 tablespoons of granulated chicken broth
 2 tablespoons of dried parsley
 2 tablespoons of dried onion in pieces
 2 tablespoons of salt with herbs
 Select the preheating option while you wash the turkey very well and remove the viscera (if you like the viscera, cook them separately with some condiments). If you do not like the skin, remove it.
 Place the turkey in a cast iron pan. If you decided to leave the skin, pull the skin so that it comes off a little and place 3 tablespoons of butter over and under the skin of the breast (the best way is using a kitchen brush). This procedure guarantees a juicier breast.
 Mix warm water with the chicken broth, parsley, and onion. Pour over the turkey. Add salt and pepper.
 After seasoning, cover the turkey with aluminum foil and select the Perfect Turkey option. The good news is that this oven will warn you when your turkey is about to reach the perfect point,
a moment when you must remove the aluminum foil until the turkey is golden brown.
 At this point, the oven will lower its temperature to allow you to keep your turkey warm until you bring it to the table.
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