Cutting-edge faucets and sinks?

Faucets and sinks are no longer something to overlook. If you really want to have a modern kitchen, they have to match everything you have in it. Currently, the market offers very interesting options in that area, which can satisfy you and adapt to the style and taste you want to portray in your kitchen.
In that sense, KWC, the Swiss brand with 140 years of experience that belongs to the Franke group,
offers a broad catalog where you can find options with quality and beauty that can become the cherry on top of the cake of your kitchen.
An icon in the family
The brand that focuses on design and the manufacture of smart solutions for bathrooms and high-
end kitchens includes in its catalog the model KWC ZOE, which is a sample of the skills developed by the company and its operation in terms of water management and the sculptural design of stainless steel.
This model has an almost perfect design with sensitive functions, a fascinating play of light and water that redefines the concept of luxury in the kitchen.
Minimalism as a whole 
KWC ERA is the ideal combination of high-end faucets and dishwashers. The minimalist design, the elegant proportions, the high functionality and precision of this combination make it the ideal solution for an absolutely modern kitchen.
An almost unque characteristic of the dishwashers of this model is that they are equipped with a ghost overflow. This function keeps it looking flawless. Regarding the faucets, we can say that they have clean finish and their efficiency, as well as functionality, meet the most demanding
expectations in terms of taste.
As if that wasn’t enough, this combination can be complemented with accessories (soap dispenser, roll mat, cutting board, among others) exclusively made of teak and stainless steel that will not only add style but also functionality to your kitchen.
So, if you want a cutting-edge kitchen, don’t forget that the key to design is in the details while
faucets and dishwashers also count in this scheme.

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