5 tips to have a functional and stylish kitchen

Who said that what is functional in a kitchen should subtract points to its style and elegance?    That    couldn’t    be    further    from    the    truth.    Currently,    appliance manufacturers, architects, and designers know how to create the perfect alchemy so  that one thing is not at odds with the other.

So, if  you  have  decided  to  redesign  your  kitchen  or  on  the  contrary,  you haven’t decided yet what you want to do with it, here are 5 tips that we have gathered from experts that will help you add a good dose of functionality and style, without losing your head in the attempt to make it perfect.

1. Distribution, distribution, distribution. The distribution of the kitchen is of the utmost importance. This is something that your architect or designer will be able to explain quite well. However, you need to know that, whicheveryou choose to have, you must clearly establish the so-called triangle of work that  combines  the  three  focal  points  of  any  kitchen:  refrigerator,  sink,  and  cooking  area.  What  else  do  you  need  to  know?  Well,  the  aspects  that determine the choice of one distribution over another, here are some notions about it:

  • L-shaped Kitchens. The distribution in L is perfect for tight spaces. The triangle of work is linear in this type of distribution. Since this is a distribution that    seeks    to    optimize    the    space,  it’s usually complemented by a bar.
  • U-shaped Kitchens. They have a lot of storage capacity and are very comfortable, which also makes them perfect for small spaces. Usually, a high frontal area is located on one of the sides, the sink in  another  and the heated   area   on   the   remaining   side. Experts  usually  recommend  that  the minimum  distance  between  the  walls should be  2.40  m,  leaving 1.20  m as passing area.
  • Kitchens with an  island. These are  the  dream  of  many  people.  The ideal is to have plenty of space so that the  island  doesn’t  prevent  the movement.   For   this   to   happen,   the optimal distribution requires forming a high front that integrates the refrigerator  and  pantry while locating the sink and cooktop on the island.

2. Include  a  rack.  If  you  want  to  combine  functionality  and  style,  there  is nothing  like  leaning  towards  one  of  the  major  trends  of  the  moment:  the industrial look. In industrial design, racks are a classic that turn the kitchen into  a  practical  and  charming  space.  They  come  in  different  materials,  but certainly, stainless-steel always wins due to its durability. If you don’t like the industrial style, you can include in your design the use of a surface as a rack where you can keep the tools you always use to have them handy. However, remember that these must be beautiful and of good quality to be exhibited as part of the decoration.

3. Movable  shelves. Movable   shelves   for   the pantry are a blessing. You won’t have    to    search anymore. You  could  find what  you  are  looking  for only   pulling or   rotating them. There   are   many options in the market that adapt  to  the  dimensions of your drawers. 

4. Don’t  underestimate the  faucets. Nowadays, the faucets are an important element to consider when trying to harmonize a kitchen. And it happens that the more controlled the water outlet is, the least cleaning will be required as there will be fewer stains.

5. Utilitarian decoration. The decoration adds style to the kitchen, but if the elements selected for that purpose are functional, it’s even better. So, think of slates   or   boards   (very   fashionable   now),   open   shelves   for   books   and dinnerware and, why not, plants that, more than being ornamental, save you from going to the supermarket (basil, coriander, mint, spearmint, etc.).

These tips are just a mere reference of how much you can do to make your kitchen suit your requirements without losing its beauty. Remember that the trick is to apply your genius ideas and creativity to it.

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