5 ideas to have a luxury kitchen with minimal effort

Who hasn’t dreamed about having one of those luxury kitchens that we see in magazines? Well, it isn’t so complicated. Even though interior designers do magic with the elements that each  homeowner has available, there are some tricks that can be very useful to achieve that sophisticated look that you adore.
Creativity, imagination, and investments are necessary, so our kitchen is transformed before our eyes. Here are 5 ideas that can help you achieve that goal.

1.-The devil is in the details. Yes, it seems incredible, but the simplest details can change the appearance of a room. In the case of the kitchen incorporating art; shiny elements (luxury knobs or handles, metallic colored switches and sockets); design lamps; choosing a fashionable color for the walls and even decorating with flowers can provide a chic look.

2.-Don’t forget about the faucet or the dishwasher. These are the most obvious elements in the kitchen and, paradoxically, the ones that add more style. There are countless options in the market. Brands such as KWC, Kindred, and Franke (to name a few) offer wonderful solutions in terms of design, functionality, and technology. Take a walk through everything you have and choose what suits best the style you want to have in your kitchen.

3.-Luxury appliances. Here  the  investment  is  necessary.  A  good  appliance not only adds  elegance  and style to a kitchen but it also saves you from havingfuture headaches. In addition, state-of-the-art appliances have built-in connectivity  systems  that  will  help make  your  life  easier,  because  you can control them remotely and even program their use. SmegGaggenauBosch,   LiebherrJura, and Thermador  are brands that can help you in that sense.

4.-Quality countertops. Certainly, countertops are the vedettes of the kitchens. The case is that the materials countertops are made off can add many points in terms of having a luxury kitchen. The good thing is that today you don’t have to fall into debt to have a quality countertop because modern materials and the incorporation of cement allow you to have something beautiful without making a big investment. So the advice in this regard is to study the materials and choose the one that better suits your style of cooking and budget.

5.-Design chairs. When it comes to kitchens it’s a real luxury to have a dining area. But to add style and concept to this, it’s ideal to choose design chairs or chairs that look elegant. In this sense, clear or transparent chairs are very fashionable today since they add a contemporary touch to any kitchen style to which they are incorporated.
As you can see, creating a luxury kitchen, the kind you dream about, is a matter of ingenuity, investment, and some tricks like the ones we just shared with you.

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