About us

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The story of La Cuisine Appliances

La Cuisine Appliances opened its first concept store in 2000. Our passion for good living and culinary arts started with an idea: bring joy into cooking indoor or outdoor for family and friends. Today we represent and supply our customers with the best appliances and kitchen essentials products, with a portfolio of high-end brands to inspire your creativity.

What we do

We inspire good living

Every morning we wake up with a purpose - to make home a better place to be and enjoy, bringing families and friends closer together. Empowering solutions is key for our projects. We only represent the brands that share our dedication to quality, excellence, and sustainability.

We work together

Our philosophy is simple: we love what we do and share all our knowledge and experience. La Cuisine family believes that the best way to succeed is to work as a team, making aspirational goals part of our promise. That is why we welcome opportunities for improvement and innovation - to provide the best service possible to each client, always.

We deliver success

Working with architects, designers, residential construction developers and cooking enthusiasts, we strive to provide a great experience and best after-sales service. We go the extra mile - because we believe your result is what matters the most. You can trust La Cuisine Appliances as your exclusive one stop shop, expert for all kitchen appliances needs.

Our Journey