Minimalist vs rustic: what is the right trend for your kitchen?

Minimalist or rustic? That is the dilemma faced by many when they wish to renovate their kitchen, but which one of these trends is the most appropriate for that space of your home?
Well, everything seems to indicate that the decision will depend on the particular taste of each individual, and the truth is that current trends suggest that it comes down to the use, needs and amount of people that will interact in said space.
Currently, there are several ways to deal with kitchen design, but today we’ll focus on these trends: minimalist or rustic style so you can be the judge.
The rule of less is more
Minimalism is a concept that aims at inspiring serenity and harmony in the kitchen, aside from comfort, practicality and of course, modernism. This is the trend of pristine order, extreme
cleanliness, where luminosity is as vital as the austerity of the details.
Even though a minimalist kitchen is certainly beautiful, many consider it boring and lacking personality. Nothing could be further from the truth. Evidently, this type of kitchen is best suited for environments where adults or unmarried couples prevail.
Unlike what some believe, there are details in a minimalist kitchen, but they don’t saturate the space since the concept bets on what is strictly functional. So, objects must be elegant, simple and add practicality to the activities to be developed in the kitchen.
Minimalism in the kitchen leans towards a massive use of storage furniture and uncluttered countertops ready to take full advantage of the space. A common myth about the use of minimalism
is that it is limited to the use of black and white. Again, nothing could be further from the truth. Color and contrasts play a role within this concept , but all of them have to work with synchrony
and colors tend to be constant. In other words, everything matches, furniture, appliances, countertops, etc.
Long live the energy of what is rustic
Rustic design has grown since it is a style that brings back warmth to the kitchen. Additionally, this is a trend that is leveraging on other new design systems such as eco chic.
The combination of what is rustic and eco chic suggests seriously introducing nature in the kitchen.
The style, that leaves aside closed shelves and classic or neutral colors, brings back wood as the protagonist and plants to give life to the space. Storage areas are open, so it is important to keep
everything in order, as well as the choice of appliances and furnishings to achieve harmony.
Sometimes, this style also takes advantage of industrial design. So, it’s not unusual to see in its designs some elements such as metal or cement that help to highlight very well what is natural, thus combining both ends of our reality.
The typical colors of this trend are an open color palette. That is, almost any color that combines with wood and matches the industrial elements you wish to incorporate. Obviously, this style is perfect for family kitchens or those with a high-transit environment.
So, either rustic or minimalist, the important thing is to portray part of your personality to that space where you’ll create pieces of art that will cheer you up and make your stomach happy.

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